The Definitive 5 minutes of TJ’s Season

i couldnt even see this game through. i dont care what TJ has done in the past two seasons, all people will remember when hes dealt this off-season was the 5 minutes of the 4th. now to implicate mitchell in this fucking disaster, lets examine the curious case of calderon’s third quarter for just a moment:

10 pts 4 assists in helping the Raps outscore the Jazz 27-18

Calderon’s performance in this quarter was his best effort, by far, during this soul-crushing, and hopefully job-ending, road trip. now Calderon’s defence was suspect during this game, he should have been back again after 3 or 4 minutes but because Price was torching Ford, Sloan decided to leave him on and since Mitchell is incapable of making matchup decisions beyond first team vs. first team, second team vs. second team, ford was left on for what could be the decisive moment of his raptor’s career. besides the fact that TJ committed two absurd TOs during his 4th quarter episode, Mitchell should have realized that TJ’s tendency to get into battles he can’t win would surface. lo and behold after consecutive calls against him he felt the need to enhance the situation by trying to draw contact but instead drawing a charge. Two Ts and hes gone and TWO FTs AND A 3 AND THE GAME IS OVER. Really a tale of two quarters (or a quarter and 5 minutes) and a tale of two PGs.

Start of 3rd Quarter: 47-40 Jazz

End of 3rd Quarter: 65-65 behind a resurgent Jose

5 minutes into the 4th behind the incompetent TJ: 84-69 Jazz

I don’t give a shit if its been a long road trip and you want to rest Jose. Its been a fucking confidence killing nightmare that could torpedo the whole season. The Jazz have won 18 straight fuckin games, ending a streak like that would have salvaged this road trip and turned it from a potentially season-defining quagmire into a success. YOU HAVE TO PLAY YOUR BEST PLAYERS WHEN THEYRE HOT!


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