Vujacic and the Rap’s toughness

because i cannot help myself when it comes to talkin about all things slovenia, i wish to discuss the man responsible for the best pronounciation in the NBA, sasha vujacic (VU-YA-VICH!!!) at the end of yesterday’s impressive rocket’s win over the lakers, skip to my lou started to pull out some playground moves for an appreciative houston crowd. unlike the raptors, who allowed AI to attempt numerous behind the back passes and marcus camby to run the length of the floor for a layup, all in the first half mind you, vujacic would not stand for such demeaning behaviour and gave skip a hard foul. why do the raps, with twice as much slovenianism as the lakers, allow teams to embarass them? where is sam’s competitive drive? why not send fat derrick martin out there to commit some assault? it would at least give him a new nickname (henchman, goon, protector of toronto valor) though i find “fat” to be particularly accurate. if this team gets down early tonite, i wanna see some flagrants.


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