Mitchell lays down for fellow fashionista, Reggie Theus

the rap’s streak of inadequacy was kept alive tonite in Sacramento as the Raps lost 106-100 to the Western powerhouse. the kings were led by the mediocre-in-every-way kevin martin (has there ever been a more pedestrian first option on an NBA team?) and the raptors continued to display their inability to grasp defensive concepts. in the battle of dapper former players who have no business coaching an NBA team, Reggie Theus emerged victorious despite missin the first half to discuss future buddy pictures with dick butkus. the maloof brothers were too drunk to notice. sam mitchell once again strengthened his case for a 2nd coach of the year award by showing an incredible amount of indifference to his team’s performance. rasho again had a great game, goin 10-18 for 20 points with 8 boards, 2 steals, and 2 blocks. his performance during bosh’s absence will make his inevitable move this summer all the more bittersweet. ron artest kept his urges in check and was reported to be searchin Arco’s surrounding areas for hitchhikers. despite the risks involved in signing an unhinged rap mogul, watchin artest made me realize that he would be a nice fit for the raptors. big, strong wing player who plays great defense and can rebound? i just checked the espn trade machine and realized that he also has a great contract with a current salary of only 7.4 million, or 400,000 less than Rasho, and 900,000 less than TJ Ford. there it is; TJ for Artest and our problems are solved (on-court anyways)



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3 responses to “Mitchell lays down for fellow fashionista, Reggie Theus

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  2. man, bless you bro. i have been calling for artest in a raptors uniform all year. he fills many needs the raptors have, as well as providing some attitude/toughness/sociapathic tendencies the raptors lack.

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