lack of primoz harmful

when fallin behind by 20 points, i find it most important to allow gregarious slovenians ample minutes. despite having any distinct skills key to basketball success (but then i again i cannot find any flaws…hes like a eunuch) i think primoz’s brashness could have resulted in multiple nuggets suspensions. while i admire an all-black basketball team from colorado as much as anyone else, the prevelance of tattoos on every nugget’s neck is, to say the least, unnerving. though there is no official correlation between neck tattoos and on-court episodes, i have great confidence in predicting that when 5 men with neck tattoos are insulted or challenged by a clumsy 7 foot clown from eastern europe, suspensions are bound to follow. primoz’s lack of playin time was either mitchell’s best or worst coachin move of the year.

more thoughts on TJ; i have the feeling that TJ is perilously close to enterin Carter territory here. last night it appeared as if while TJ was playin poorly he was givin knowing glances to the Nuggets bench as if to say he couldnt believe the shittiness of those around him either. it may be that my TJ loathin has effected my ability to perceive the world around me but i no doubt consider this a concern for the future. in a month TJ will be yukking it up with Lebron after playin a key role in the rap’s demise while the ambivalent Primoz waits to perform a hard foul on him on his way to the showers.


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