Coach of the Year Repeat?

what a disgustin performance last nite. the raps could not defend anything. 42 points in the 1st quarter!! in the 2nd quarter, things had gotten so bad that AI threw behind the back passes, in transition mind you, on two CONSECUTIVE POSSESSIONS. in the first quarter marcus camby carried the ball the length of the court a for a layup (he looked like shaq in an all-star game, it was embarassing) AND nailed a three pointer from the corner. Marcus Camby career three tally prior to this game: 12.

while i went all TMQ on the nuggets yesterday, their dominance yesterday is not indicative of some sort of progression, but instead of the incredible divide between the quality of teams in the East and West. Denver is most likely going to miss the cut in the West, while the Raps could have home-court advantage in the first round.

the raps were just plain awful. in the first quarter, anthony carter delivered an inbounds pass to the perimeter, which somehow inspired the raps to break into a fast break, leaving carter open for the most pathetic basket the raptors have ever allowed. what does sam mitchell teach these guys? moon doesn’t challenge his man, TJ has transformed into mike james, and no raptor can figure out that if you coersce your man into the air, you should probably jump into him to force some foul shots. bargnanin loves jumpin out of the way and correspondingly throwin up a horrendous shot. BC – get rid of this man!!


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