The Loss of Casey Janssen

All I heard throughout the past couple months was how dominating and deep our bullpen looked. Having the chance to see a 7-8-9 combo of Janssen, Accardo, and a healthy BJ would have been phenomenal, especially if our 5th turns out to be the musky Gustavo. Now what are we left with? Incredible anxiety considering the health issues of BJ. If BJ is injured, were left with a bullpen devoid of a legit setup guy when just a week ago, we were able to look down upon the weak bullpens of the monsters and laugh with giddy contempt (LaTroy my friends!! That dude was getting pummeled in the fuckin NL West, theres no way he lasts the rest of the season with the Yanks). Now our advantage has been obliterated and were left to sweat about late inning situations with the likes of Downs, a steroid less League, and Jason Frasor. Just once, if our pitching staff could maintain a semblance of health, I swear to god if AJ goes down one more time…I dont care if he ruins his career prospects, I just want one season of fulfilled potential, and then he can go to the Yanks and be the next Carl Pavano (wow, i love that scenario, its so happening too, MLB career years, gotta love em, now if only we could get Vern to sign one year deals we’d be toppling the EC closeted lovers…wait u like bein belingerent and incoherent?! Gatatahere!)



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