Denver tonite

the raps got the nuggets tonite in denver in a battle between talent and chemistry, the overrated and the underappreciated, fantasy and reality. no other team in the NBA represents its worst better than the Denver Nuggets. count the number of top 3 OVERALL PICKS ON THIS TEAM!!!: carmelo (3), camby (3), AI (1), Kenyon (1) This is a goddman fantasy team pure and simple and i seriously cannot think of anything that would improve this team other gettin rid of AI AND Carmelo. get some team players in there for christ sakes. camby is dominant on the defensive end and the boards and kenyon provides good energy, but if one of these guys gets into a funk, its over for the nuggets. imagine having TJ Ford playin like he has been lately (ie. refusin to pass, dribblin into positions that allows him to take the bad shots he loves) except there are two of them, one of which barely gives a shit. while i admit i admire both TJs and AIs passion and drive, its purely meaningless considering the games they choose to play. i dont care if your sacrificin your body to take shitty layups, guards that are able to penetrate like these two should be leading the league in assists a la the amazin dean martin, chris paul (nba rat pack reference which unfortunatelly includes carmelo and the bafflin inclusion of joe johnson). carmelo doesnt even warrant discussion, he will never choose to move tha ball and will turn into paul pierce w/o KG.  the guy is currently averagin more TOs than assists and while u may argue hes a pure scorer and does his job, this guy is supposedly an elite player. GET THAT GARBAGE OUTTA HERE!!! Check out these numbers:

Raptors Winning Pct. – .531 (34-30)

Raps Pct. When TJ goes for 6 dimes or more – .533 (8-7)

Raps Record when TJ goes for 20 points or more – .143 (1-6)

Just for the rest of you TJ haters, pct. when TJ plays 20 mins – .500 (12-12) HES COSTING US GAMES PEOPLE, PLEASE JOIN IN MY OUTRAGE!! Why does he not pass, Kapono is so reliant on open looks created by penetratin guards yet TJ just continues to huck up bad shots and get into duels with VASTLY SUPERIOR PLAYERS!! HEY TJ U ARENT KOBE!! In the Lakers game after TJ attempted to dunk but got rejected by the mamba the next possession, once he saw Kobe drive he immediatelly left his man (Farmar or Pavlovic) despite ample help from the big man, who proceeded to drain a game clinching three.  Thats the difference between the mediocre and the great, the will to win despite yourself. No matter how much of an despicable creature Kobe is, their is not denying his will to win. Pass the Ball TJ or i will hire Primoz to take you down in the layup line.

Now lookin at numbers for AI which are actually very indicative of his valuability to the Nuggets as well as Carmelo’s black hole effect

Nuggets winning percentage – .594

Nuggets winning percentage when AI goes for 6 dimes or more – .714 (30-12!)

Nuggets winning percentage when AI goes for 30 points or more – .667 (12-6)

Nuggets winning percentage when he does both – .818 (9-2)

Nuggets winning percentage when he does neither – .307! (4-9)

These numbers are ridicolous. I wasn’t expectin anything definitive from this shit and was just gonna make my opinion through exquisite bullshit but WOW. this is undoubtedly AI’s team. where the hell are all the loses comin from? more research!!!

After looking at the games of both AI and Melo in the Nuggets 24 Losses this season, here are some interesting numbers:

In 18 of the 24 Losses, AI has been below his season average in Assists – when AI drives and kicks the Nuggets are more effective                             

Melo has shot lower than his season average in 17 of the 24 losses he has played in (2 DNPs)

Melo has been below his season average in points in 17 of the 24 losses he has played in (2 DNPs)

AI has shot lower than his season average in 16 of the 26 losses he has played in

AI has been below than his season average in 13 of the 26 losses he has played in

Of AI’s 16 poor shooting nights (ie. below season avg.) Melo has shot better than his season average 5 times.

Of Melo’s 17 poor shooting nights, AI has shot better than his season average 7 times.

When both Melo and AI shoot above their season average, the Nuggest have only lost ONE TIME

Sorry about these meaningless stats, I got a little carried away with the research. Anyways moral of the story; Melo BAD a lil Penetration and Kick by AI GOOD. ps. when AI’s contract is up in two years, he will take a diminished role on a veteran team and win an NBA championship. THIS IS A LOCK TO HAPPEN!! Shit, imagine this, Calderon at the POINT handling the ball the majority of the time so AI doesn’t get trigger happy, AI at SG, Bosh at PF, Bargnani at C, and randon Free Agent wing player with Kapono coming off the bench and draining wide open looks from a championship hungry AI – please BC.


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