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Roles, don’t leave us with Marty. Roles?


According to, it appears as if Scott Rolen will be sidelined until May with his boo-boo. Sweet. Nothing like seeing Martin (Marky? What is the dude’s name? always bodes well when you can’t remember the name of an opening day starter) Scutaro at 3rd base come Monday. Does he have an arm capable of making those long throws? Considering the mental picture I have of him (small, Eckstein-type cat) I can’t see him making that throw consistently. Gonna be a lot of infield singles the first month. Shit, there goes our stellar D, unless they allow the Johnny Mac to give her a shot over there. Tough times.

On a sympathetic note, it must suck for Mr. Rolen to have one of the most emasculating injuries in recent Jay’s history. I can just see him getting questionable glance after questionable glance upon revealing his injury to people. “So your injured eh, Whats wrong with you?” “oh, well, the tip of my finger hurts” I know I’m belittling the injury’s significance but its definitely going to happen. Hopefully he hears it enough to get good and pissed off for his return.

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Really, Mr. Mitchell, Really?

have a 24 at hand tonite friends, your gonna need every one. mr. doug smith has dropped a bombshell on my joyful Wednesday; tonite, in your raptors starting lineup, TJ FORD. wow. lets get right into it by looking at the trusty +/- for the PGs the last three games:

TJ – Miami +15 in 22:39, @Cleveland -13 in 18:05, Denver -14 in 16:11 for a total of………..   -12 in 56:55

Jose – Miami +27 in 25:21, @Cleveland +6 in 29:55, Denver +5 in 31:49 for a total of………..    +38 in 88:05

50 POINT DIFFERENTIAL!! extrapolate TJ’s numbers across Jose’s minutes and things get even worse (I’m using the last 3 games for this study cuz of the Bosh factor. the west coast disaster don’t count none). why couldn’t sam attempt this experiment during the west coast swing when it would have had limited consequences? why does he feel now, after two hard fought games that got away from the raps in the 4th quarter (27-16 in CLE, 38-27 vs. DEN) to be the best time to fuck with his lineup? this is no time for experimentation. we can beat detroit. save it for the knicks mitchell.

also TJ has been instrumental in creating 4th quarter runs for the opposition. case in point:

CLE – TJ comes in at 2:07 of the 3rd – TO leads 63-59

CLE – TJ leaves at 4:33 of the 4th – CLE leads 81-77

DEN – TJ comes in at 2:35 of the 3rd – TO leads 69-65

DEN – TJ leaves at 7:36 of the 4th – DEN leads 85-84

Epic Mess in Utah

Just saying. Maybe its possible that the chemistry with the 2nd unit isn’t working for TJ but I can’t see how usurping Jose will improve this team. Jose and Bosh work the high screen like Nash and Amare and i don’t know if TJ can replicate that success. The only reason i can think of that doesn’t implicate Mitchell’s incompetence for pulling this move would be TJ himself. has his sulking gotten so bad that it is wearing on team moral? has he become such a malcontent in a backup role that he has forced Mitchell to put his job on the line in the hopes he feels better? cuz i got to say, as a raps fan, Ive always considered TJ’s self-esteem much more important than team success.  

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aLexis Babe, yur a Greek god


just checkin out the mlb jays page and their reporting that JPizz and Alexis are close to inking a 6 year deal worth round 65 million with an option for a 7th year that would bring the total near the 80 mill mark. nice work JP. brutal work Alexis’ agent. who is representin this guy, master p. as much as i appreciate rios’ loyalty as a jays fan, as a human being with financial wants, i dont…understand. since the dudes 27 and i believe he was locked into a 1 year deal, the benevolent Alexis just spit in the face of a potential miguel-type deal. after having a career year in 07, i believe a 30/30 year to be a reasonable ceiling and how many guys are there like that, 5,6. guy could have absolutely cashed in this winter (and you know the Yanks would be all over that with their shitty old outfield). didn’t. shot her down. amazing, a financially content ballplayer. 

nothing like enjoyin the peak years of a franchise outfielder at a reasonable price. shit rarely happens so bask it in my friends. incredible work Jpizz, now if we can only avoid the wellsian drop. take a lesson vern, guy doesn’t rely on potential moola for motivation ya fat bastard (though all will be forgiven with a return to pre-contract form).


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Suns Year

just finished watching the Suns-Pistons game and despite the Phoenix loss, I believe this is the year for them. being a good Canadian boy, i have always rooted for Nash and the suns to emerge from the west. though i declare my belief in the sun’s ability to breakthrough every year, i gotta say my optimism for a potential championship has peaked. i like the 7 man rotation they got going there. the additions of hill and shaq provide veteran leadership that has been missing in past runs. sure that is a tired declaration but it fits this argument well so i will run with it. though i have no original proof of the sun’s heightened chances, the two players that have me most confident are the incumbents; nash and stoudamire. after watching them play tonite, despite the loss which was totally bogus, the refs love giving the pistons calls which is almost as infuriating as the pundits loyalty to that best starting 5 in the league bullshit, i truly think they will transcend their abilities come playoffs. both put up phenomenal averages and with the added rebounding provided by shaq they wont lose those late game rebounds teams like SA and DET always secure (despite the pistons doing it again tonite). in short i see a canadian fantasy emerging this june; raps-suns. truly amazin.

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Its the hat man


Ever since i bought this hat in February, things have gone awry for the jays. first janssen, then bj, then reed, now rolen, blast you devil cap!! get out of here ghost!! despite the hat’s penchant for wreaking havoc upon its team, its better than wearing one of the soon to be everywhere vintage caps. as badass as those hats are, every pseudo-jays fan’s noggin will be covered with one by may. guys gotta exert his individuality ya know what i mean. however, I here by apologize for anything else that happens to the jays, but i cannot abandon the awesomeness of my new hat. i think now that i have addressed the issue, the jinx will be reversed. T-Snids will be raking in the show by June. just watch. 

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So Long Reed


just saw the sad news on espn’s front page; reed johnson has been cut by the blue jays.  the demise of johnson’s career with the jays has been quick and depressing. after enjoying a breakout year in 2006, reed was only able to play in 76 games in 2007 due to a herniated disk. i remember admiring his fearlessness at the plate as he shrugged off countless HBPs throughout the 2006 season. his .319 av/.390 obp was a treat to watch and led to heightened expectations for the 2007 season, which was unfortunately cut short by injuries. the fact that JP wont give him another shot suggests that he has not fully recovered. hopefully it will not affect his ability to latch on to another team. this hardworking ballplayer deserves another chance to recreate the success of 2006. thanks for the memories mr. johnson and good luck.


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Provoking LeBron: Idiotic or Insane?

LeBron is unstoppable. there is no answer in the league to what LeBron brings to the table. guys 6’9 260 and scores at will. give him one reason to torch you and he will make it his goal to embarass. taking that into consideration, after the 1st half of last nite’s game, LeBron only had 6 points. 6!!! while this defensive performance was undoubtedly impressive, i would advise others to learn from Toronto’s mistake; don’t have Kris Humphries on your roster. since humphries thought that LeBron wasn’t aware of his poor performance, he felt obligated to remind him. as the two teams walked to their respective dressin rooms, LeBron was jawing at the deliriously-confident humphries, who had forgotten how awesome he was until he blocked 23’s shot on the Cavs last possession. anyways, the humph’s idiocy led to a pissed James to go off for 23 in the 2nd half. thanks kris. 

when will the Raptors learn; don’t fuck with the King. we have no one who is remotely capable of guarding him yet fringe characters always feel the need to provoke him. first bosh’s girlfriend and now the delusional humph. either BC has to get the team to manuevere their way into the 6th seed or constantly run the attached vid in the Raps locker room.

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